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LA Galaxy come together to open vaccine site in Carson to help underserved community

Dignity Health and the L.A. Galaxy joined forces to open a new vaccination site at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, providing first-dose inoculations all week long by appointment only.

The site is expected to give out 20,000 vaccines this week, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The vaccinations are by appointment only, made online. Dignity Health is vaccinating anyone over 65 or in a qualifying industry. One local resident said she was hesitant about getting the vaccine but her family encouraged her to come to the event.

"My daughters kept talking to me about it, 'Mom are you sure? Do you want it?' I talked to my brother and a few friends, and they were OK with it. So, I said OK I'm going to get it too," said Peggy Harris.

Another man said it was his friend getting sick from the virus that served as a wake-up call for him to get vaccinated. "We went bowling for the first time in a year and one of my friends is deathly ill and probably not going to make it. It was a reality check and said you know what we need to get this shot right now and that's why we're here," said Guy Patalano.

"It's very important with me because I work with children and I'm a school teacher but I have some medical conditions and it was extremely important for me to get vaccinated and get back to the classroom as soon as possible," said Elizabeth Lebron.

The L.A. Galaxy and Dignity Heath Sports Park are proud to bring the vaccinations to an underserved community that doesn't normally have consistent access to health care.


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