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What exactly is a bail bond?



A bail bond is also known as a “surety bond,” which is a contract that is created by a licensed bail bondsman who must be backed up by an insurance company. This contract guarantees that the bail agent will post the full bail amount and takes full responsibility for that money if the inmate fails to show up to his or her court date.

What does the bail bond booking process include in Carson Sheriff?



​When the inmate arrives at the jail, the jailer will first ask the inmate for some personal information such as his or her name and date of birth to begin the booking process. The inmate will then have to take a photo so that the jailer could enter all of that information into the Los Angeles Sheriff database. Once that is complete the inmate will have to go through the fingerprinting process, which is done by the Live Scan machine, which is directly connected to the department of justice. Once that is complete the jailer will then clear the inmate for jail, at which point, you could post bail on their behalf.

How much do bail bonds cost for Carson jail?



​A bail bond is used to pay the full bail amount on the defendant’s behalf. The standard fee is usually the same throughout the country and is 10% of the full bail amount. This fee does not get refunded to you once the inmate appears to court. This fee is for the bail bond agency to take the risk of posting the full bail amount on behalf of the inmate.

How can I finance a bail bond?



Here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Carson we do offer financing, but if you choose this option, then you may have to supply some sort of collateral depending on your personal situation. There are many types of collateral and one of our highly trained agents would be more than happy to explain financing in more detail over the phone.

If I bail someone out of jail, what are my responsibilities?



When you bail someone out of jail, you must sign a contract taking full responsibility for the inmate and making sure that the inmate shows up to his or her court date. If the inmate fails to show up to court, the bail bond agency will contact you about the situation. You may be held responsible for the full bail amount if the inmate fails to appear to court.

What happens if I fail to show up to court?



If for some reason you fail to show up to court, you must immediately contact the bail bond agency that did the bail bond. The bail agent that helped you will contact your lawyer and they will set up a new court date that better fits your situation. If you do not contact the bail agent, then you will be considered a fugitive and they will put a bounty for your capture. If you have any questions please contact Sunrise Bail Bonds Carson at (310) 491-9471

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