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Mitchell Would Have Been Killed Anyway

Reports regarding the escape in New York have been shocking at the least. The captured escapee has shed some light on the plans of the two after they escaped and how they escaped. One of the more shocking aspects of this story is how the inmate convinced a prison worker to help them, kill her husband and escape to Mexico with Sweat. However, a former FBI assistant director doubts that Sweat planned to live with Mitchell. He says that Seat and Matt did not intend to kill Mitchell’s husband and then drive her to Mexico. He believes that killing Mitchell’s husband would be a waste of time and would divert the two inmate’s plan to stay away from the police. The former FBI official says that Mitchell’s failure to pick up the escapees at the manhole may have saved her life. He believes that once she had picked the two up from the manhole, then they would no longer have any use for her and would have most likely killed her and ran off with the car. She is lucky to be alive according to the official and should be more than happy to just walk away with a prison sentence.

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