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Normal Traffic Stop Turns Deadly

This past weekend an officer got the surprise of his life when he pulled over a black Silverado in the city of Carson for a broken taillight. As the officer got to the driver’s side window, he gathered all of the driver’s information, but as he was walking back to his squad car, one of the passengers got out and began shooting at the officer. The officer dropped the driver’s license and ran for cover at which point the driver got out and opened fired as well as he retrieved his license. Once the suspects got their information back, they all got back in the truck and fled the scene. Fortunately the officer was not hit and he got in his squad car and chased the car. Once back up showed up, the black truck led the cops on a short police chase and kept firing out of the windows of the truck. Finally the truck crashed into a fence and the police were able to safely detain all of the suspects in the car. The two men will be facing many felony charges for their actions that night.


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