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Our agency, Bail Bonds Carson Pros, and our extremely experienced and highly trained agents, server the City of Carson for many years now. We successfully helped thousands of people to get released from jail all those years that we operate in the area. All our clients remained completely satisfied from the quality of our services and our results. When someone gets arrested in the city of Carson is immediately moved to the Carson Sheriff’s Station located at 21356 Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90745, except if he/she has any serious medical condition or problem.

At the arrival, a police officer confiscates the defendant’s belongings for safekeeping and the booking process starts. The process includes the gathering of the inmate’s personal information and the taking of photos so that all together to be registered in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s database. Then, the inmate’s fingerprints are going to be sent to the Department of Justice via a machine called Live Scan to see if there are any pending warrants or if the arrestee is wanted by any other law agencies. Until those results are back to the Sheriff’s Station, the defendant cannot be cleared for release. The waiting time is usually 45 minutes to several hours. The moment the results are available to the Jailer, he or she is going to determine if the inmate is cleared for bail and if yes, he or she will be released in short time from the Jail. Usually, it takes 30 minutes to some hours depending how busy the Jail is at that moment.

The first time you call us, we will immediately assign to you a personal agent to work with during the whole bail bonds process. The agent is going to ask you some questions such as your name and the defendant’s name, address and your connection to him/her and then he/she will contact the Sheriff’s station to learn all the details of the inmate’s case to inform you about the situation. After that, the agent is going to close an appointment with you so he/she can help you fill all the necessary paperwork and then the agent is going to deliver that paperwork to the Jailer and start the bail process if your loved one is cleared of that. In case the inmate is available for bail he will be free in about 30 minutes or a bit longer again depending how busy the jailer is. Also, the defendant is going to be informed about the court dates that he/she must to attend.

Carson Bail Bonds
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“With the thanksgiving holiday near i never expected to get this call. My husband had unpaid tickets and was arrested. He called me and i didnt know where to go for information. A friend mentioned The Bail Pros. So i called them. I was surprised a live person answered the phone! Bailing him out was easier than i thought. My husband was home in time for peach pie. Thanks Bail Professionals. ”


Lucy Marquez.

Carson, CA

carson bail bonds ca



For us here in Bail Bonds Carson, our job is more of a duty. We understand how difficult it is for you to know that your loved one is in jail and how devastating and overwhelming it may be especially if you have no experience at all with the bail bonds process. Our highly experienced agents will do their best and they wont rest until they bring your family member or friend back to you.

Our staff is extremely experienced and helped the good people of Carson City to get of jail in thousands of cases all those years we serve the City of Carson. For that reason, they are very respected around the business if bail bonds and we are very proud of our record of successful releases.

We assign you a personal agent for the reason that we want you to have the best and easiest communication and avoid any confusion or delays. Our agents work 24/7 and they are always available to help you and guide you always through the process.

Our agents are able that way to create a more personal relationship with you and that can lead to better results and a faster release.

The personnel we have, because of the many years in the field of bail bonds, they know how to hasten the process even if there are difficulties occurred on the way. We are confident that we are the best solution for you!

Also, we are aware of the rough times that we all live and we can understand that it may be difficult for you to come up with the whole 10% of the bail bond amount needed. That’s why we offer many flexible payment options or even financing depending the case.


However, this may require us to collect some form of collateral. Your personal is happy to help you choose what’s the best payment option for you so you can bring your loved one fast under your custody.


Our Bail service extends to cover the neighboring cities, north to Crason we provide bail service in Compton and Gardena, to the west we have agents in Torrance and Redondo Beach, south of Crason we are available in Lomita and Long Beach and to the east our agents are available in Lakewood and Signal Hill.


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